Fap CEO APK 1.112 Download Latest Version For Android 💻

Package Name: "Fap CEO APK " 📜

Version: "1.112" 💾

Size: "50 MB" 📁

Category: " Adventure" 🚀

Price: "Free" 💵

Developer: "Nutaku " 👥

If you have ever fantasized about running your own video chat studio or even becoming the top of a food chain and building an empire in this market. The game for you Fap CEO will guide you through the many steps required to go from the bottom to the top in this hot adult industry.


Fap CEO place for those who love beautiful anime female characters. The game content is not difficult to guess, simply manage the girls to make a profit. Manipulating the game is also relatively simple, you just need to touch the screen to play. But the attraction of the game is not small at all, especially if you are a man.

About Fap CEO

Fap CEO Mod is a simulation game for gamers over 18 years old. As an owner of a company specializing in training the hottest girls. If this game is real. But stop enjoying the game temporarily because it's attractive and really addictive.



Your task is simply to hire and manage the girls, help them get good jobs to generate profits for the company. You can even date one of your beautiful employees and become a successful man. The game will have a relatively simple mission system, mainly for you to focus on the main characters in the game.

Highlights of Fap CEO

Impressive graphics

Fap CEO has lovely and colorful 2D graphics. Characters with different hairstyles, skin colors, fashion styles and unique attractive faces make an instant good impression on players. The girls also have an extremely warm voice that captivates people.

Fap Ceo Game Detail

Unlimited money

You can only earn a certain amount. With Fap CEO the amount to your business bank account is unlimited. You can splurge on expensive celebrity decorations to polish your company without worrying about running out of money. The game offers unlimited diamonds.

Fap Ceo Game Detail

Unlimited number of keys

Keys allow you to unlock more chests and events to help you achieve your company's revenue. You earn keys by touching the girls as many times as you can in the standard version.

Fap Ceo Game Detail

Hire very hot girls

As your business begins to grow, you will feel the need to hire more employees. The people who fill out the application are all women and are the only men in your company. It gives you a great opportunity to start a flirty conversation.

Fap Ceo Game Detail

Featured images

The game's eye-catching visuals are certainly an essential part of its appeal. The anime style is pure, eye-catching, promoting the natural beauty of women. The girls not only look real, but they also have the clear impression that you are witnessing a wide range of emotions from each of them. The game's environment is imaginative and contains many real-world elements. The sound design of the game is also essential because it creates an atmosphere that attracts players and can't take their eyes off the screen.